Go Girl! 

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The Worst Gymnast

Gemma loves gymnastics. But she has just had the worst class EVER, and her coach isn't happy. Are Gemma's gym dreams over? Or will her clever plan keep her on the team?


Sister Spirit

'When you cut hair in a pigtail,’ Mum said quietly, ‘you end up with some long bits and some REALLY SHORT BITS!’

My big sister hates me. She cut off my hair, and now she won’t talk to me! But I’ve found a very useful secret. Everything is about to change.

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Dancing Queen

Charlie is buzzing. She’s just had her first ever modern dance class! But it’s not all perfect. She’s in the wrong dance clothes. The trendy girls tease her. And now there’s the concert to worry about. But none of that seems to matter, once Charlie starts to dance.

Dancing Queen

Netball Dreams

Alex is no sports star. She's just glad to be on a netball team with her friends. But what if Alex's bad ball skills let the team down? Will she let her friends down too?



Sink or Swim

Bec loves swimming. And she loves being the fastest in the class! But when she joins junior squad, Bec discovers that there's more to swimming than just winning ...

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