Split Infinity

The sequel to Lifespan of Starlight

A split-second decision, a single time-skip. The world that you know, gone in a blink.

Now a sharp and adept time-skipper, Scout jumps years ahead to find the world transformed. Technology has accelerated and the people she knows have grown up, or disappeared. Most pressing, the government that she was trying to escape has used the time to prepare for the return of the time skippers.
Caught between finding the mother she left behind and time-skipping ahead with Mason, a series of events lead Scout deeper into the tunnel than ever before.

The illusion of time has one more surprise, one with the power to change everything.

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One of the things that I think makes this series so successfully compelling is that it took two unrelated, solid ideas — everyone being chipped and time travel — and combined them to make a story greater than the sum of its parts. ... I enjoyed Split Infinity a lot and would whole-heartedly recommend it and the first book to fans of character-driven YA and science fiction. Tsana's Reads and Reviews

Once again, Kalkipsakis draws the reader in with fast-paced, easy to absorb prose, and a plot that will likely keep you up into the night, forever reading “one more chapter”. 100PercentRock Magazine

Following on from the first in her trilogy, Lifespan of Starlight, Kalkipsakis raises some intriguing and thought provoking ideas such as relative time theory in this well paced action sci fi romance for young teens. ... This is a well written, intelligent page turner. Recommended 12+ CBCA Reading Time